Monday, March 7, 2011


After a super rough day at work I wanted to make a post just so I could focus on the most positive thing that supports my every day struggles- my amazing penpals & bf. They quite honestly spoil me not only with precious things but the sweetest words and intentions. Please excuse the crappy photos but I don't have my usual camera :(. Also, some random photos included.

Sugarbunnies wallet my bf got me from Sanrio :)

Amazingly badass marc tote/purse from my friend Sophie!

I was so happy to be able to fit my typewriter in my cubbies after rearranging things (random photo, lol).

Gorgeous Juicy Couture wallet from Sophie as well! She said it was to match my gold glitter Toms shoes :)
I partially re-did the deco on the back of my phone and finished doing the front of it as well. The photos don't do the colors justice at all! The bow on the bottom left corner is a beautiful purple. Also, the bow on the top right corner is inspired by Tiffany (Starpowerr)'s old keychains she used to sell on Etsy :) I loved how she used the string pearls, so I wanted to incorporate them into my deco.

Flowers my dad & I picked out for my mom (v-day)

I sewed (sp?) this little tuna roll plushie for my friend Andrew's birthday :) In a nutshell, we have a little inside joke where he calls me Sushi Shelly.

Lilac IMYOURPRESENT earrings :)

What I like to call my Rilakkuma hat!
Churros baked by my mommmm

Below are some gifts from my friends! Andrea & Sophie, mostly. The photos of what Heather & Debbie got me are on my other camera :(

They are simply, the best.


kitten roar said...

wow! lots of awesome stuff. penpals do have a way of absolutely spoiling people...boyfriends, too!

debbie said...

this post made me happy. i love knowing that you are being spoiled by your generous penpals! it makes the world seem a little bit sweeter, don't ya think?

maybe i should start collecting more more more penpals? hummm, ponderment for later!

love youss! and post post post!

debbie said...

oh and you have a lot of blogs to keep up with! ha ha ha. no seriously tho, which one do u update first? mines is still over at tumblr.

Irishenchantment said...

wow you have some amazing and great friends to send all those goodies :) i bet they really brighten your days :D

really glad to see you back on here, have added you to my google reader and hope to catch up with all your posts soon

shel xx