Sunday, February 27, 2011


*Inhales... exhales* It feels amazing to be back! This is photo dump part 1... mostly photos from when we were ~snowed in~ (which is long gone now that it feels like summer... TX's mother nature is super bipolar) and our baking madness. My mom, bf & I went on a little adventure around our apts. Photos of Waffle also included, as per usual ;) More interesting posts this week! Lol. Apologies for the weird spacing between photos and the random order of them as well... blogger is so wonky.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Virus Hiatus :(

Hey everyone! I am writing to you from my phone because my laptop unfortunately has a virus! I have tons of news to share and photos to post so please bare(bear?) with me and I'll be back soon! Shouldn't be more than a couple of days.

I wanted to specifically post this for the winners of my giveaway! I'm not sure if you ladies read the comment I posted but please e-mail your name and address to: and I'll ship them all together hopefully this week! Thanks :)


Saturday, February 12, 2011

V-day Giveaway!

Hey lovelies :)

I have 3 sweetheart boxes that I wanted to give to the first three people who comment on this post! Just leave a comment telling me what your top 2 faves are from the sweetheart boxes below that are not crossed out! Please keep in mind that you will not receive them in the mail until AFTER v-day, but that they're so cute and can definitely still be used.


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snowed in... for a whole week!

This entire week I spent my days relaxing at home. Texas is a little dramatic, so when the weather is bad/frozen, the roads aren't well taken care of and a lot of businesses (like the one I work at) close. I very much dislike taking things for granted, so I tried to enjoy every second of my time off! I know my paycheck will suffer, but I'm used to being broke :(.
Tons of photos to post soon!
And please note- the sweetheart boxes are on sale for $3! That includes shipping. Please help contribute to my "send Ticia to Brasil" fund by purchasing one, or two!
Thanks :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Deco Sweetheart Boxes!

I'm excited to show you guys these little cuties I made just for Valentine's day :)

Each has its own personality and comes with a complimentary eraser & pearl star cabochon!

They're the perfect little size to keep in your purse as pill boxes, or even to store your earrings in! So many uses for them. I made sure that some of them weren't strictly for people in relationships in case they will be gifted to friends, etc.
1. White ~Lov U~

2. Light Pink ~True Love~

3. Pink ~Too Sweet~

4. Fuchsia ~Kiss Me~

5. Light Pink ~Cutie Pie~

6. Fuchsia ~Best Friend~

7. Pink ~Hugs~

8. White ~Forever~

I hope you all liked them!
And a special hello to new followers :)
I'm so happy to have more readers!