Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Deco Sweetheart Boxes!

I'm excited to show you guys these little cuties I made just for Valentine's day :)

Each has its own personality and comes with a complimentary eraser & pearl star cabochon!

They're the perfect little size to keep in your purse as pill boxes, or even to store your earrings in! So many uses for them. I made sure that some of them weren't strictly for people in relationships in case they will be gifted to friends, etc.
1. White ~Lov U~

2. Light Pink ~True Love~

3. Pink ~Too Sweet~

4. Fuchsia ~Kiss Me~

5. Light Pink ~Cutie Pie~

6. Fuchsia ~Best Friend~

7. Pink ~Hugs~

8. White ~Forever~

I hope you all liked them!
And a special hello to new followers :)
I'm so happy to have more readers!


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