Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day! (& W.I.M.P.)

Guess what? I don't work until Friday! Awful news for my paycheck, but amazing news for my body! I've been having chronic back pains, so resting has been a big blessing. And who doesn't love beautiful snowy days? They are a rarity here in Tejas, so I'm trying to appreciate every second since it will probably be gone by tomorrow!

My bf and I are making the family dinner tonight :) Taco snow night! So excited.

This morning, my mom already made waffles, potato soup & brownies. (Can you tell we love food?)

So far my morning has been spent worrying about my bf (who had to drive in the snow thanks to Best Buy treating their employees like crap!), and snuggling in bed with my leg warmers.

I wanted to make a quick "winter essentials" ~what's in my purse~ post to show the main things I've carried around lately. Since v-day is getting close, I've been carrying the wallet my bf gave me a while ago. I couldn't afford it and he saw me flirting with it at U.O. (haha) and got it for me without telling me :). Also pictured is a little clutch my grandmother sent me from Brasil.

My LJ friend Sofia sent me such an amazing sweet package for my birthday/Christmas, and these cupcake beauties were part of it :)

(She also sent me the MJ compact & TokiDoki lipgloss!)

Lately I've been carrying everything in my epileather LV bag. My friend's friend (she's super rich) sold it to me a long while ago for pretty much 1/1,000th of the price. It was insane!

[Apologies for the yellow-ish tint, but I was playing with editing these photos and went a little too far! Lol. My comforters are super white, I promise :)]

And of course my phone! I'm so proud of it, I can't stop taking photos! Lol.

I'll be posting a special surprise sometime this week! I am making some cute valentine's day things that I might sell for a super low price! (Probably $5 shipped).

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