Saturday, January 22, 2011

About Me :)

Just as a foreword, none of this is in any kind of order! Just a random little post about myself :) Also, not all of these photos were taken by me. I just lost their sources since I've had them saved for so long! I would love to know a little more about you guys as well! Feel free to tell me some of your favorite things in the comments below!

I never know if I should say "I am a vegetarian" or "I eat a vegetarian diet", so I guess I'll just say... I'm vegetarian? I love animals and I think it's awful what factory farming has done to our world and to the animals.

I love crafting! Nothing specific! Painting, crocheting, sewing, etc. (I also love baking. That's kind of a craft, right?

I was studying photojournalism but now I think I've decided on majoring in English with a minor in Photography. I love literature and travelling!

I have a lovely cat named Waffle whom I adopted a couple of years ago with my best friend Debbie :) I love him!

I also love my pair of gold glitter Toms!

This is my bff Debbie! We have a blog together here :) She keeps me sane!

When I was younger I loved dressing up. Sometimes it was because I had to for plays & etc, but mostly I just really wanted to :)

Some of the only things I enjoy about cold weather is wearing comfy sweaters and drinking hot cocoa! I love cold weather clothing :)

I love going on adventures and sometimes feel like leaving everything behind and leading a carefree life with nothing but a duffel bag and dreams... I guess like a gypsy? Naive, I know, but it sounds so magical!

I really wish I could pull-off wearing lipstick!

I only have one tattoo right now (my Capricorn symbol, but that wasn't why I got it done!). I actually got it on a whim for my cousin Gabby, who I miss very much. Long story :) My next one will be a clavicle tattoo!

Along with Conan, some of the shows I watch weekly are: 30 Rock, The Office, Big Bang Theory, & Gilmore Girls. I love other ones as well, but these are my top faves!

I've been with my boyfriend Boris for a long while now and we love each other more every day :)

As I've mentioned, I was born & raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. I came here to Texas when I was about 10 and have lived in the same area since. I have been extra home-sick lately! :(

I love listening to records! My favorite singers are Antonio Jobim & The Shins, but I also love Animal Collective, K-Os, Aesop Rock, Ben Kweller, and so many more!

Hopefully my posts will help you guys get to know me better and share our interests with one another! I guess this will do for now :)


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Mini Mo said...

You are so pretty, you lucky girl! :D