Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Monday Afternoon

Yesterday couldn't have been better! I had an awful day at work as usual, but when I came home my brother received his college acceptance letters (I'm so proud of my little bro!), I received amazing goodies in the mail (who doesn't love mail?), and I found out my bf and I have the same days off this week and one of them just happens to fall on the day his baby brother has to have surgery, which means we can be at the hospital with his family!
I made some hot cocoa with soy milk (mmm!)

I've also been feeling a bit sick (my dad has been sick and my immune system is awful, so I need to be extra careful), so I took some Chinese herbs my boss gave me and had some echinacea tea.

Of course my posts aren't complete without me being a crazy cat lady. I love Waffle :)

I am SO in love with the things I received from Cait! Her etsy is amazing.

My amazing penpal Heather sent me an early Valentine's day gift!!! It was one of my "fave" items on my etsy list! She's sooooooo sweet! I'm seriously in Cabochon HEAVEN! I can't wait to deco with these!
Bad photos of my nails recently.

Whisker centralllll.

Waffle still loves the gift Auntie Debb gave him.

I keep forgetting to post the photos of my hard work from this past weekend! I organized everything, including my jewelry.
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Heather said...

Glad you liked the lil gift, she was so sweet when I ordered it!

Ticia said...

Liked!? More like loooooved! :))) That's why I love etsy! Amazing customer service and great things <3

Madame Debb et Mademoiselle Ticia said...

i just got teary from the pic of waffle inside the lil kitty hide away :) im so happy waffle enjoys it...