Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"I No Did!"

Yesterday my bf and I both had the day off together. He got his hair cut and then took me to Michael's to get some crafting supplies for my penpal's gift! I was lucky to have found a coupon or $$-wise I would have been screwed! That's why I love Craft stores... awesome discounts. Afterward we headed to his parent's house to spend time with his little brother (he's 5 and already calling me to tell me he loves me!). We watched Ponyo with him, made fiesta salads, and played Wii. Unfortunately I'm still sick... so today I'm heading to work late. Then off to a brief dinner at Jenn's (after I have ingested a ton of dayquil)!! Excitement.
Such cute brothers!

Oldschool joker!

That's what Mr. Potato Head looks like after a few helpings of Chemical X.

I'm so in love with his new haircut!

My first hand-sewn pouch :) The inside fabric is zebra print (it was for my boss, don't judge my tacky choices! Lol).

This is what happens when you run out of wrapping paper, your mom's birthday comes sooner than you calculated, and the only supplies you are given is construction paper and deco tape.

I organized my hair/headbands, necklaces, & sunglasses inside my little nook.

No luck growing these so far... but for $1 I didn't expect much.

I now leave you with Waffle.

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