Sunday, February 27, 2011


*Inhales... exhales* It feels amazing to be back! This is photo dump part 1... mostly photos from when we were ~snowed in~ (which is long gone now that it feels like summer... TX's mother nature is super bipolar) and our baking madness. My mom, bf & I went on a little adventure around our apts. Photos of Waffle also included, as per usual ;) More interesting posts this week! Lol. Apologies for the weird spacing between photos and the random order of them as well... blogger is so wonky.



kitten roar said...

so much snow...are you excited for it to all be gone?

Ticia said...

It's gone, actually! I loved it, though :( I am enjoying the nice weather, but I have fun either way <3

Irishenchantment said...

glad to see you back :)

shel x

Ticia said...

Thank you :) I need to post the rest soon!